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From which airports is it possible to take off respectively where is it possible to land?

According to the type of aircraft a small airport usually has enough capacity. There are a lot of these all across Germany. On small airports you enjoy the advantages of uncomplicated handling, short distances and low-priced clearance fees for the airplane – which of course positively affects on the charter price in your favor.

Small-sized airports are frequently located very close to your desired destination, which is an unbeatable time advantage and therefore another big advantage of chartering.

Is there a regulation or limit to the amount of hand luggage I can take along?

You can bring along as much luggage as the loading capacity of the aircraft allows. There are no regulations for hand luggage. However the loading capacity is limited and is determined by the amount of fuel and the number of passengers. As soon as it is certain which airplane we will deploy for you, we will inform you how much baggage can be loaded.

How can I pay for a a private jet flight?

Payment can be effected by cash transfer or with any conventional credit card. Billing will be made in Euro. Other currencies such as Swiss Franc or Dollar are also accepted.
Payment is to be made before the flight.

What are the procedures at the airport of departure and destination?

Your flight confirmation contains all information material concerning your journey.
If you have booked our limousine service we take care of all further procedures beginning with the pick up. Upon arrival at the meeting point you do not have to bother about anything else. We take care of your baggage before takeoff and hand it over to you after landing.

Questions concerning your booking

It is recommended to book a few days beforehand. By doing so you have a bigger choice of aircraft and we have more time to find the best and most cost-effective airplane suiting you.
The reservation of the aircraft can take place at short notice – even within a few hours prior to departure.
After registration of your desired travel and personal information we will send you an email with the charter contract in PDF format. If you wish we will gladly send it by postal mail, too.
This contract contains all details concerning the procedure of your flight. Through signing the contract you confirm the flight. Change of reservation is possible at all times, even in the air! Extra costs depending on the route should be taken into account.

What happens if I arrive late at the airport?

You can not miss the flight, because it is your own private one!
The airplane and the crew will wait for you. Though you should take into account that the time schedule will change, because the flight plan has to be rescheduled.

Am I allowed to bring along pets?

Yes you are. We solely have to check if the type of airplane is suitable for it.

Do small airplanes have sanitation facilities?

Small jets and turboprops as well as single-engined aircraft dispose of constrained or no sanitation facilities at all.
Bigger airplanes with several seats do have sanitation facilities, as known similarly from scheduled flights.

Are the airplanes modern, secure and regularly maintained?

We keep in sight that:
- Your airplane complies with the international security standards.
- Your airplane is maintained according to the guidelines.
- Your airplane is extensively insured.
- The airline company is in possession of the valid air traffic operator certificate.
- All guidelines stipulated by the aviation supervisory authorities are complied with.