Types of aircraft and price information

We offer you plenty of choice ranging from the single-engined aircraft or small tur-boprop to
travelling comfortably medium distances in a Learjet or long distances in a big jet with up to 60 people.

Currently, for instance, we are utilizing the following aircraft for our clients:

Diamond Aircraft DA 42 [Bild]
up to 3 people, 270 km/h, range 2000 km
Cessna 340  [Bild]
up to 4 people, 320 km/h range 2000 km

Beechcraft King Air  [Bild]
8-9 people, 500 km/h, range 2500 km 
Bombardier Learjet  [Bild]
7 people, 750 km/h, range 3000 km
Bombardier Challenger   [Bild]
14-16 people, 850 km/h, range 4600 km
The selected type of aircraft and flying time determine the costs. "The bigger, the more expensive" is surely a good guideline. It is not an ordinary scheduled flight – the aircraft is flying especially for you.
All accruing costs are included in your charter price. During winter the aircraft possibly has to be deiced.
All such additional expenditures have to be charged, too, and are hard to calculate from the beginning.

For every type of aircraft we give you a concrete cost estimate.